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Online One-on-One English Coach
In Person English Teacher, Groups or One-on-One
Spanish to English CV Translator

Online classes 
Intermediate and advanced levels
Content tailor-made for YOUR needs and goals
including preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, Interviews, and Presentations
One-on-one only
Additional Services: Spanish to English Text Translation;
Proof-reading; Editing; Audio Recording Creation

As a coach, my number one goal is to help my clients


I am a creative and dynamic coach, teacher, editor and CV translator who is committed to making life easier.
If you answer “yes” to one or more of the following, contact me today!
  • Do you require your CV (curriculum vitae) translated from Spanish to English?
  • Do you need your personal statements, articles for publication, or other documents proof-read and edited as needed?
  • Do you urgently want to learn English or take your English to the level necessary for you to do what you want in the world?
  • Do you need to prepare for an international English proficiency exam, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS?  
And if you answer “yes” to all of the following, add me on Skype (Skype ID: yehrooz) so we can talk ASAP!
  • Do you prefer to work with a trained and experienced English language teacher who is a native speaker of Standard American English?
  • Do you prefer to work with a punctual, reliable and honest service provider?
  • Do you prefer to collaborate with a native speaker of Standard American English?
  • Do you have a time constraint that makes it imperative that you hire someone to make life easiernow?


    San Francisco is my hometown, but I have lived the past several years in Guadalajara. I have enjoyed language, teaching and technology since I was a child therefore helping professionals improve their English using Skype and other internet tools is very appealing.
    I am an experienced online English coach, an in person English teacher, a proof-reader/editor and Spanish to English CV translator.
    As a coach, a teacher and a language learner myself, I’ve learned that focused and frequent sessions allow for steady and positive results.  And although I have a four skills approach to teaching English, all online or in person sessions are customized to meet your needs and interests. In the end, you will be more confident and more accurate in your overall use of English.
    As a proof-reader and editor of internet content, graduate school application packages, letters, papers intended for publication, you name it, I can be counted on to get the job done thoroughly and on time. Naturally, the same applies for my Spanish to English CV translation service!
    I’m looking forward to making your life better. Don’t be shy. I’d love to hear from you! 


    Great!  I am eager to find out what your needs are and when I can get started making your life easier. :) 
    Write me an email, [at] gmail [dot] com,  and/or add me on Skype (Skype ID: yehrooz). Let’s create the perfect step-by-step plan to get your needs satisfied and make life easier!