She was a great teacher, with a pleasant voice, patient, has her own style, was there when I needed help. She is the best teacher I have ever known. Nia helped me to prepare for my IELTS exam in an efficient way.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Thank you very much Nia !!!!! You are the best teacher in the world!!!!!! :D :D
  • Thanks for the interesting and engaging lesson. You are the perfect teacher. Looking forward to talk to you again. Have a wonderful time, До свидания )))))
  • Nia!!!!I got the score a few hours ago … I did it, I got 101!!!! I’m in shock and extremely happy !!!! The best thing is that I can celebrate with my family because I'm in Guadalajara!!!Nia I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me; you are the best !!! Please find  the scores attached. :)
  • I took Nia’s TOEFL IBT course this year and I found it very useful. I strongly recommend to take this course if you want to get a high score on the test.
  • he asked me for a reference as he needs English lessons but he wanted private lessons because his job won't allow him to take a regular class
    si I thought you would be his best option you're a great teacher 😉
  • I learned how to handle the 4 sections of the test and I received feedback on all the exercises and activities done in class. This helped me to know what specific skills I had to improve. Also, during the course, Nia gave me useful resources such as lists of words and templates for answering the most difficult questions in the test.
  • From my point of view, this is what makes the course great. Now I know how to approach and answer the questions using my own strategy developed and practiced during the course.   
  • I think the course was a good investment; it is totally worth the price.
  • Thank you for your effort and suggestions with my English, you are my great English teacher.For this reason I make promotion of your courses with everyone,
  • Pues sí. Hiciste algo bueno: se llama atención. Profesionalmente, he contactado a mucha gente de negocios y a otros maestros de inglés; pero si no contrataste sus servicios, se olvidan de ti y por supuesto de tus necesidades. En cuanto tenga un lugar para contratar tus servicios, te buscaré. ¡Te felicito por tu excelente trato!
  • I found Nia and she is wonderful! My experience has been great. I am so happy. I enjoy my classes. The classes are interactive and dynamic.
  • I told him how professional you are, how your conversation report are accurate and complete. I told him you are the best English tutor on Lingq. Thank you so much for letting me know that he was in town.
  • Thank you so much for all your suggestions.
  • Hi Nia, thank you very much for your very detailed correction and your kind offer of helping me free of charge! You deserve the points. So if you don't mind, maybe you just take them and treat them as a cup of coffee? (or whatever drink that you like) :) Your comments are wonderful Nia! Have a great weekend!
  • You are simply amazing with all the resources you give at each lesson. You are certainly among the most competent English teachers I've ever had.
  • Thank you for your incredible help.
  • Dear Nia,Thank you for the wonderful report you sent me after our last conversation. I re-read it tonight with J. He finds your report amazing. He told me I have an incredible tutor! In the end we both agreed that I must use your report and work with all your recommendations more and more. All your reports are full of advice and in the end I realized how lucky I was to have clicked on your name to make my first scheduled conversation with you. In the end I want to say thank you!
  • I like to have fun when I learn a language. I do not want to feel like in a classroom.
  • You are wonderful.
  • With Nia, you never get bored! Learning is fun and serious at the same time.
  • Thank you for your incredible help.
  • are my great English teacher.  
  • Thank you so much for additional explanations! I see that you even updated our document. Wow, I have never met a teacher as kind and good as you are :)
  • Dear Nia, What  wonderful work you offer me in those conversations.
  • You are just incredible !!! Thank you so much.
  • I really appreciate that you value your students’ needs and care about them.
  • In my case, you are perfect. You are patient and attentive.
  • I didn't know that I could access all of our shared documents in this way. Thank you! I also thank you so much for recording the blog post and correcting his writing!! I have never met a teacher as helpful and professional as you are.
  • Thanks for the bonus, the best part is that I'm writing and learning. I love your style!
  • A simple fact is that you are the best English teacher that I ever had.
  • Thank you, Nia! I am so flattered :) You are a GREAT tutor, too! So passionate for teaching and considerate for your students!
  • You are very well prepared and your suggestions are very spot on!
  • Thank you very much for all the preparation and review! You are such a dedicated tutor. :)
  • The course was very helpful for me in many ways: 1- Having a tutor put me under pressure. 2- I used my time effectively. 3- All of the sessions were recorded via Google drive, so I could and can go back and review what ever I need at any time.
  • Thank you very much for your report and everything else. You are such a dedicated and excellent tutor!
  • One thing that I noticed is that each of your emails has a lesson. I like that.
  • I appreciate it so much.
  • Great lesson! I can hardly wait for the next!
  • You have a beautiful voice.
  • The time flew. Your voice is clear and good to understand. And now, your report. I think, it is a doctoral dissertation. But it was a lot from what we spoke about. We will see each other again, when I am back from Berlin.
  • You are such an enthusiastic teacher!  
  • Nia is a very wonderful tutor!
  • Nia, thanks a lot for your time!!
  • You are very fun and polite. The best tutor I have ever encountered. I appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much.
  • I really appreciate your effort to prepare these recordings for me. I enjoy listening to them. They are very useful. Thanks again and again.
  • Dear Niamaat, Congratulations on your recent successful completion of the “Power of Markets” Coursera class -- you are among the 100 students who scored highest on the final exam!  We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to visit the University of Rochester’s Simon School campus in June 2014  for a series of in-person group review sessions with Dean Mark Zupan in preparation for an in-person final exam on the course.

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